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How You Can Help Your Denver Movers


There’s an old saying about giving assistance – “help us help you.”

This adage has many meanings. It could be implying that a workload should be shared, even if you’re asking for help.

Here at Moving Brothers, we’re fine providing the entire full-service relocation experience for our clients. Our Denver movers can handle every aspect of the process, allowing you to save your energy for other aspects of this experience.

However, there are ways you can make the moving process easier and more efficient. By taking the right steps, it’s possible to help your Denver movers expedite the process and work more strategically, so you get a better result.

moving brothers truck denver movers

The Case Against the DIY Moving Approach

When we say you can help with the move, we’re not talking about physically being required to take part in the process.

Though some people find moving to be such a personal task that they want to have a hand in it, it’s important to make sure your belongings are only in trained hands throughout this process.

Moving is a very technical task, and requires proper training and experience to carry out safely. This is why it’s ill-advised to pack your own belongings, or have those close to you help with the loading and unloading.

Here’s why you should have our Denver movers carry out the physical labor. We are:

  • Licensed and Insured: Our movers not only have the training to protect your belongings, but we’re insured – providing a second layer of protection if the unexpected happens.
  • Professional Packers: We use top-quality moving materials to strategically pack your equipment, protecting everything carefully for the trip ahead.
  • Skilled at Transport: Our Denver movers know how to skillfully load and unload your items, whether they’re going into our spacious trucks or our professional storage spaces.

If you do decide you want to handle the packing or labor, we offer standalone services to complete your moving experience and support your unique goals. But if you’d prefer us to handle the entire process, we’re more than happy to do this as well.

That leaves the question – how can you help make your moving day experience better?

Ways You Can Help Your Denver Movers

As far as “helping us help you,” it’s all about planning for the move in advance.

While we’re handling the packing, labor, and transport services for the move, we can work more efficiently if we know precisely what you want and exactly how to help you.

In this case, think of the Denver movers at Moving Brothers as your professional family – we’re here to serve you, so consider these tips to make the process better for all involved.

Clear the Space Ahead of Time

Moving is one of those tasks that seems to shrink the space it’s in. While your items and furniture may sit comfortably now, the environment can get cluttered quickly when items are being taken out of their place to be moved.

Imagine boxes stacked in the hallway, furniture pulled out from the wall to be wrapped, and floor coverings being laid across the floor to protect it. These types of measures will make the area uninhabitable for that period, so it’s best to make sure it’s cleared out.

Some effective ways to do this are:

  • Inform Everyone: If it’s a residential move, make sure your family (especially kids) and pets are all out of the house, or at least with you during this process. For a commercial move, inform your team and any others nearby.
  • Prioritize Fragile Items: These items can be accounted for first, so they’re not put in danger when the rest of the items are being packed and moved.
  • Consider Decluttering: We mentioned our professional storage spaces earlier – consider offloading items to them that you won’t be taking immediately or at all during your relocation.

When the space is cleared out, it will be safer for everyone. It will also be safer for your belongings, as you won’t have to worry about cramped conditions causing damage to them.

Consider Special Requirements of the Area

Speaking of cramped spaces, we also wanted to mention that we can handle moves in locations such as apartment complexes or small office spaces. However, since these spaces are typically shared with others, you may need to make special arrangements.

Consider clearing space along the halls or walkways. Also see if you could reserve the elevator or staircase, as well as extra parking space for the process. This provides more space for the process to be handled without disrupting your neighbors or colleagues.

Open space also makes it easier to stay organized and keep on track. When you have the space cleared out, and it’s just our Denver movers working there under your guidance, you can ensure a smooth and orderly process from start to finish.

Create a Packing List

Speaking of keeping the moving process orderly and organized, this is much easier when you have a guide to go off of. The moving list represents a valuable planning tool that can provide multiple benefits during your relocation.

A list typically includes items that need to be packed. To make it easier to follow, many people organize their list by room. This allows our Denver movers to go one room at a time, and what’s more, it allows you to verify everything is packed up.

One reason many people feel apprehensive about having someone else handle the moving process for them is they’re afraid something will be forgotten. Or, just as bad, they’re worried it could be damaged.

With a moving list, you can check off everything as it’s packed. You can also notate which items are fragile or otherwise challenging to move – and we’ll use the proper packing techniques to protect your items and your peace of mind.

Pack an Emergency Box

Most of your packing should be done by our Denver movers. We bring the skills and supplies necessary to handle everything safely, so you don’t have to worry about its condition during the trip. However, you may wonder where some items are during this process.

Consider how important it is to have the necessities around, like something to quench your thirst, or some supplies to help you get cleaned up.

Pack an emergency or necessities box before we arrive. This will contain the essentials that you’ll want to have close by. This box will have:

  • Snacks and napkins
  • Drinks
  • Basic first-aid supplies
  • Cleaning supplies (Gloves, hand sanitizer, etc.)
  • Any medications you need
  • Pet or child toys
  • Important documents (ID, new lease, etc.)
  • Keys and keycards
  • Toiletries
  • Change of clothes
  • Money and debit/credit cards

You may also want to bring some basic tools if you plan to disassemble or reassemble your furniture, though we can help with this as well. If your new house hasn’t got the beds set up yet, make sure you pack some bedding to use in the interim.

Speaking of, this takes us to the point after your move has been made – but the process isn’t complete. That’s because we can even help you unload and unpack in your new location. It’s all part of our commitment to being the best Denver movers around – get a free quote today.

Prepare Your New Location

When you make your move with Moving Brothers, the trip doesn’t end until you’re completely satisfied with the experience. Once we arrive at your new home or business, we can help you get loaded in, set up, and unpacked.

There are a few ways you can help prepare the area, both for yourself and for the Denver movers you have at your service. Some important steps to consider include:

  • Verifying Safety: Make sure you’ve checked the area for hazards like exposed nails, mouse traps, etc. This is especially important if you have children or pets. Checking first and foremost will ensure the area is safe for everyone.
  • Clean the Location: Cleaning is an important preliminary step when you’re making a move. You’ll want to do this before we get you set up, because this is a chance to tidy up those hidden corners before furniture and fixtures cover them up.
  • Label the Rooms: We can label your boxes as we pack, and if you label the rooms at your new location, we’ll know exactly where everything goes, so the setup process will be expedited and streamlined for your convenience.

When you take the steps to prepare your new location and make sure it’s welcoming to your family or your workers, you’ll be more excited about getting set up. Our Denver movers are excited as well to help you get your new home or business looking proper.

Consider Using a Floor Plan

Another way to streamline the process of getting set up in a new location is to consider how you’ll arrange it beforehand.

If you know the dimensions and layout of the new location ahead of time, you can draw up a floor plan. This provides a guide on where your furniture and other items should be placed, so you can get the look and vibe you want in your destination.

Some people may prefer to take pictures of their current space so it can be recreated. Others may want to try something new – either a setup they saw somewhere, or one of their own imagination.

Either way, a proper plan will make it easy for us to help you get your new location set up so it feels exactly like home should.

denver movers moving truck

Stay Available and Communicate Clearly

We wrap up the list of ways you can help your Denver movers with a step that could be thought of as first or last. It’s foundational and sets the tone for the entire move. The best way you can help us serve you more efficiently is to stay available.

The moving process is one that brings a lot of emotion. You may be dealing with memories of your long-time home, saying goodbye to your neighbors, and taking in the feel of your current environment one last time as its resident.

There are also many tasks to complete while moving. You need to switch utilities, change your address, research the new area, and more. All of this can leave you feeling pulled in many different directions.

However, by keeping a line of communication open with your movers, you make it easier for us to serve you, streamline the process, and provide complete satisfaction.

Get the Moving Experience You Deserve

When we’re handling any move here at Moving Brothers, we know it’s about more than getting you to a new destination. The unique journey of relocation impacts everyone differently, so we encourage you to communicate with us about your specific concerns.

  • Are you worried about moving specific belongings?
  • Do you have concerns about the timeline of the process?
  • Have you got all the supplies and equipment you need?

When you reach out to us, feel free to bring up any of these questions or any others that you may have. The best way you can ensure you get a satisfactory experience is to tell us exactly what you want. We take pride in addressing all of your concerns during the moving process.

Help Yourself to Some Amazing Moving Services

Here at Moving Brothers, our licensed and insured team has gotten plenty of positive feedback. We’re also rated an A+ with the BBB and hold Google Guaranteed status.

Our talented team is prepared and equipped to handle:

  • Home and apartment moves
  • Office and business moves
  • Local moves
  • Packing and unpacking
  • Providing packing supplies
  • Providing storage space
  • Loading and unloading

When you think about finding the right moving team, what comes to mind? You want a team that has expertise and efficiency in their processes. You also want a moving specialist who is reliable and proven in the field.

Don’t forget about the technical side as far as proper equipment and insurance goes. Add in a genuine sense of concern and care for your quality of mind during the moving process, and you’ve got Moving Brothers. We’re skilled, we’re proven, and most importantly, we’re dedicated to giving you the very best relocation experience possible.Help us start your relocation journey off the right way when you reach out today – we’ll begin the move planning process with a free quote.

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