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    Need a Little Help Moving to Littleton? Call Moving Brothers

    Whether you need a little moving help or a lot, Moving Brothers is at your service.

    f you’re heading to Littleton or anywhere else in the Colorado area, we’ve got you covered. We bring a sense of professionalism and excellence whether we’re taking you across the block or across the state.

    Since the quality of your moving experience will impact the wellbeing of your belongings, your peace of mind, and your start in your new home, don’t trust your relocation journey to just anyone. Let our team of proven experts show you why we’re the best around.

    Big Time Quality, Small Town Courtesy

    Our locally owned and operated operation has quickly grown in popularity in and around our community. It’s a testament to our work, and owed to our continued drive for improvement.

    We maintain the best approach to moving you’ll find – and the friendly attitude we bring to the job makes us a joy to be around. The combination of top-notch quality and small business feel gives you the best of both worlds in your moving experience.

    Better Rates and Improved Quality

    Given that we can run our business our way and stay out from under the control of a parent corporation, we have the freedom to offer better pricing structure.

    You’ll get the optimal mix of affordability and value – we even provide free estimates to give you complete transparency. On this page, you’ll also find time estimates based on how big your location is.

    Passionate About the Community

    We bring an unmatched sense of commitment to every moving job. We’re committed to our customers’ satisfaction – and what’s more, we’re committed to the community as a whole.

    A smooth moving experience is good for you, as well as your neighbors and the areas you’re moving to and from. Think of us as your relocation partners for the journey.

    We’re Equipped for the Task at Hand

    With 12 years of experience, we’re fully equipped with the skills to make moves easy. We know all the tricks of the trade on how to do things right and in the proper order.

    This includes when to make your move, how to handle fragile items, what order to pack things in, and how to stay organized for when you arrive.

    Every Move is Different, and a Priority

    While we know some tips that work well in every situation, we also realize every move is different. It’s why we bring everything needed to handle the job, no matter what it calls for. With us, you get:

    • 26-foot trucks fully equipped with moving supplies 
    • A customized team sized to your specific location and needs
    • The ability to load from any PODs, containers, or storage units you have

    We’re also more than happy to start in the middle of a move – if you were carrying it out yourself but ran out of time or ran into difficulties, call on us to finish up for you.

    Licensed and Insured to Protect Your Property

    Last but not least, we’re licensed and insured. Our commitment to professionalism isn’t just a saying – it’s demonstrated through the quality we practice and maintain consistently. We also cover all the bases to protect your property, even when the unexpected strikes during a move.

    When you work with us, you get a moving partner with unmatched professionalism and an ongoing commitment to your satisfaction from the start of your move to when you’re set up in your new home.

    Littleton – A Town with a Lot to Love

    We’d like to give you an early welcome to Littleton – a town where a lot of people call home. The population hovers at just around 50,000, with over 19% growth since the year 2000.

    With a comfortable climate that provides mild temperatures for all seasons and above average amounts of sunshine, the area certainly feels pleasant from a weather perspective.

    The economy is also welcoming, as it boasts impressive performance and job options in many areas. These include professional, scientific, and technical services, as well as construction, healthcare, education, finance, telecommunications, and food services.

    What’s There to Do in Littleton?

    One look around Littleton will provide you with many fun and engaging options on how to spend your time. Here are a few of the town’s top sights.

    • Hudson Gardens: A free outdoor attraction on the bank of the South Platte River. Features gardens, ponds, meadows, and even a café. 
    • Town Hall Arts Center: An epicenter of art and culture, producing comedies, musicals, and plays for decades that locals enjoy.
    • Parks: Dozens of miles of walking paths and bikeways connect the 1,500 acres of parks and outdoor space. There are even options for watersports like swimming, kayaking, and more.
    • Littleton Museum: Glimpse into the area’s past, showing historical recreations of settlements and imagery dating back to the mid-1800s. Includes an interactive kids area.
    • Farm House at Breckenridge Brewery: Eat, drink, and enjoy at this combination restaurant, beer garden, and brewing facility featuring various flavors and dining options.

    This combination of recreation, exercise, and history will have you feeling right at home in Littleton – it offers fun for the whole family and creates the engaging community experience everyone deserves.

    Mark Your Calendars for These Fun Events

    Littleton’s landmark sites aren’t all it offers. There’s also a regular rotation of events that bring can’t-miss fun to the area, attracting visitors from all around the state.

    From historical presentations like Apollo which covers the space race to the dazzling lights of the Electric Safari, you’ll find fun and educational events here every month. There are also Christmas themed events, ranging from niche holidays to one’s we all celebrate like the New Year. Will you spend your next year in Littleton?

    Make Your Littleton Move a Lot Easier

    When you’re heading to Littleton or anywhere else around the Colorado area, we hope you’ll make Moving Brothers your first choice.

    Our combination of experience, equipment, and a commitment to excellence enable us to offer unmatched service.

    We never overbook – this allows us to give each customer the individualized attention they deserve. The sooner we can get started planning your move, the better. Contact us online or get a free estimate here.

    You can also email us at or give us a call.

    ​​Move For Less With No Stress

    Moving Brothers, LLC are a full-service Denver Colorado moving company serving Denver CO. We are fully licensed and insured. We strive to provide our customers with exceptional relocation services. License #HHG-00376, US DOT 2371440 CO. We specialize in household and commercial moves. We are experts at loading PODs, Door to Door units, and any size storage unit at any given storage facility.

    Moving FAQs

    We determine the cost of your move by considering the number of rooms of furniture and boxes, the presence of stairs or elevators, and the distance from the home to the parked moving truck. These factors will help us determine the number of workers and approximate hours your move will require.

    Yes we can, at no additional cost.

    Not usually. However, if your drawers are filled with anything denser than clothing, you might want to consider removing it.

    Moving is a service industry, so if you like our service, you can feel free to tip accordingly.

    We invite you to check out our rates page for a breakdown of the cost. Generally, our rates per hour are about $140. Our rates are higher on weekends than on weekdays.

    Yes, we do. Start by filling out our online quote form and we would be happy to help. Please be as specific as possible.