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Avoid These Denver Moving Day Mistakes


Everyone makes mistakes – but moving day mistakes are some of the worst errors you can make.

When it’s time to relocate, everyone hopes for a smooth and orderly process. But failing to prepare is preparing to fail – so it helps to know what you should be doing. Or in this case, what you shouldn’t be doing.

With the big day fast approaching, it’s important to ensure you have all everything in line so you can avoid stressful situations. One big way to lower stress is to avoid these moving day mistakes. Check out these moving day tips and what not to do – and remember, your trusted Denver moving company is always here to help you relocate.

Moving Day Mistakes Many People Make

Some of these errors are surprisingly easy to make. After all, some people may be moving for the very first time. It’s easy to underestimate the scope of the task or overlook some of the finer details.

Here are the most common pitfalls and roadblocks that could put your relocation journey on hold. These are some things you definitely don’t want to do.

Wait Until the Last Minute

Sure, moving is a massive task. Therefore it’s easy to put it off. And keep putting it off.

You will regret putting off your packing and organizing tasks once moving day hits. You may have more belongings than you realized, and you may find that you’re in for more work than you originally planned. This is why it’s important to use your time wisely in the lead-up.

Instead of putting things off, come up with a timeline of tasks that you can check off as you do them. This can include:

  • Planning when to start organizing
  • Thinking of which rooms you should start with
  • Contacting Denver moving help to assist you

From the time you commit to your move mentally to the moment you get a quote from your trusted Denver moving company, you’ll be glad you made a plan and adhered to it.

Be a Hoarder

When you’re moving, it’s tempting to take everything. This is often motivated by the fear of leaving some items behind. But does everything really need to go?

Many people make the mistake of taking too much stuff with them – a lot of which is just plain junk. You pay for what you move, so it makes sense to save money and purge beforehand. It also slows down your move. This is why it’s a good idea to declutter your house before you pack. Think about what you really need, and get rid of the rest.

Remember, you can always send back for some items if you want to leave them behind until you really need them. Travel light, or at least as light as possible on your initial trip – you will thank yourself later.

Fail to Organize Your Boxes

You already know you need plenty of boxes and packing supplies on hand, but there’s more to it than that. Imagine peering into the back of a moving truck and seeing a hundred cardboard cubes with no clue about what’s inside any of them or where they go.

You have to have a plan for making sure those boxes stay organized. The solution? Label your boxes. Note the contents and their destination room. You can also make a list to go along with these labels for added transparency and organization during the move. You will save yourself a lot of time and hassle once you arrive in the new place.

Forget to Turn on the Utilities

Imagine you have all your boxes labeled, you head inside the new house, you flip the switch – and nothing. No one wants to be that person who forgets to turn on the utilities at their new home. But sadly, this is one of the top moving day mistakes out there.

It’s another one that’s very understandable. You have so much to focus on as it is, it’s easy to overlook the act of preparing your future destination as you leave the old one. By hiring a Denver moving company to help you handle packing and loading, you can free up your mind to focus on other tasks.

Call your utility companies a few weeks ahead of time to ensure they know when to turn off service in your old place and when to turn it on in the new one. Utilities to focus on include electricity, Internet, water, sewage, gas, cable, phone service, and trash pickup.

Forget to Pack an Essentials Box

Not everything you have packed up should go on the truck. Some totes you should keep with you.

To ensure you have easy access to the things you need the most when moving, pack a box of essentials. This crucial crate should include:

  • Water
  • Snacks
  • Fresh clothes
  • Toiletries
  • Medications
  • Chargers
  • Cleaning Wipes
  • Hand Sanitizer

Other items may include supplies for your children, as well any supplies your pets may need, including food, toys, and carriers. When you keep items like these close by, you’ll find that moving day flows a lot smoother, and you’re better prepared to take on the challenges.

Neglect to Keep Important Documents Safe

Another item you may want to keep in your essentials box is a packet of essential documents.

Everyone has important documents and valuables that they need to safeguard during a relocation. From insurance and stock papers to bank statements and birth certificates, make sure you keep these all in one safe place, such as a file folder.

You’ll also want to keep cash, valuables, and jewelry on your person during the move. Do not put those items on the truck – instead, let those be your responsibility while your trusted Denver moving company handles the bulk of your items and the heavy lifting.

What’s the Biggest of All Moving Day Mistakes?

If there’s one error or oversight that more people make than any other when it comes to relocation, it’s trying to do it alone.

Even if you’re eager to pack up your own items, you may lack the proper moving supplies to do so safely. We bring the materials you’ll need, along with a licensed and insured team. Our relocation company is thoroughly trained to move items safely and swiftly, so we take the stress right out of your move.

Make no mistake – Moving Brothers is the relocation partner you want for moving day and the time leading up to it. Why not give us a call today or click for a free estimate? 

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