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Preparing for the Unexpected When Moving to Denver


Moving to Denver is a good plan – but things don’t always go as expected along the journey.

Anyone who examines the area and thinks “I want to move to Denver,” likely has their mind on the destination. But the trip ahead requires a great deal of focus and preparation.

We all hope that the process moves along smoothly. But what happens when disruptions arise? Would you know how to handle them? Today we’ll cover some of the unexpected issues that can derail a move to Denver. By knowing about these and their respective solutions ahead of time, you make moving to Denver an easier process.

Issues with Packing When Moving to Denver

Packing is an essential aspect of moving as it ensures the safety of your belongings during transportation. It seems straightforward – after all, you’re just putting your belongings in boxes and then into a truck. But packing to move to Denver can be harder than you may think.

Here are a few of the issues you may encounter when you’re carrying out the packing process. The best way to make sure this aspect of the move proceeds seamlessly is to get professional packing services from our Denver movers.

The Packing Process is More Difficult Than Expected

Packing is a process that must be done with several important aims in mind. It’s not as simple as gathering up your items and putting them into boxes for transport. When you’re looking at the abundance of items you have, the process suddenly becomes more daunting. But you may also encounter other issues, such as:

  • Problems keeping your items organized
  • Packing efficiently to save space
  • Lack of time to get everything packed

Even if you’re moving to Denver alone, you should never take on the packing process alone. Finding out how hard it is can make you inclined to ask friends or neighbors for help, but this isn’t advised either. Moving requires the right approach so you can avoid injuries, and avoid damage to your property. Speaking of which…

You’re Worried About Fragile or Heavy Items

Maybe you feel you’ve got a handle on moving common items like clothing or books. But what about fragile items like cookware, artwork, jewelry, or family heirlooms? How about heavy or bulky items like appliances, pianos, or furniture? It’s easy to overlook the complexity these items present, but doing so can put them in danger or disrupt the pace of your move.

With a professional Denver moving company handling the packing process for you, you won’t have to worry about any of your items during transit. Experts like the ones here at Moving Brothers can pack items safely whether they’re going a few miles or a few hundred miles away.

You Need Professional Packing Supplies

One of the ways we protect belongings so well during the moving process is by using top-quality moving supplies. If you plan to pack on your own, this aspect of the moving process is very easy to forget about. But when you call us, you get the convenience of labor and supplies from one location. Supplies include:

  • Boxes of various sizes and box cutters
  • Various types of tape and tape guns
  • Bubble wrap and stretch wrap
  • Plastic tarps and furniture pads
  • Cardboard sheets
  • Plastic baggies
  • Scissors, markers, and tape

Never mind worrying about where you’ll find all of these items during your Denver move. We’ll be happy to bring over whatever the job calls for, based on the number of belongings you have to move.

Problems with Moving and Transporting Items

Speaking of how many belongings you have to move, this ties into another important aspect of moving – loading and unloading.

Some people are so excited about moving to Denver that they don’t even think about how they’ll get all their items moved. Trying to handle the heavy lifting yourself can be dangerous and stressful – it’s much better to hire our team to help you.

Loading and Unloading are Too Strenuous

Moving items is another process that seems straightforward, but you may be surprised to learn how hard it is once the time comes. Even those who are fit and energetic may have a hard time moving their items during a relocation. This is because some heavier and bulkier items are tough to lift unless you have proper training and equipment.

It’s not just about the weight or the dimensions, either. Loading up a large quantity of normal-sized boxes can also be physically demanding. Even if you’re eager to get moved, you’re better off hiring experts to handle the loading and unloading. This lets you focus your energy on the destination ahead.

You Have Too Many Items to Move

When people consider the pros and cons of moving to Denver or any other location, they often think about how hard it will be to move all their items. You may not even realize how many items you have until you try to move them, so their sheer number can be an unexpected problem. One way to make this issue easier immediately is to declutter and offload some items that you don’t want to take.

Some items you may want to leave behind or send back for later include:

  • Non-seasonal clothing items
  • Extra furniture
  • Work equipment you don’t need anymore

The less you have to travel with, the easier it will be. Where can you put these items in the meantime? Our professional storage services offer safe temporary space you can rely on to house your items.

Your Dates Don’t Line Up When Moving to Denver

Let’s say you didn’t overlook the complexity of packing or loading, and you’ve thoroughly decluttered before you started the move. But once you’ve got everything packed up, you get word from the property owner of your destination, and they tell you that there’s a delay. What do you do with that truck full of belongings?

Storage services are also handy in these situations. We can load directly to and from these spaces, allowing you to drop your items off as needed and get them on the road when your future home is ready.

Moving to Denver? Moving Brothers is Here for You

There are many good reasons to move to Denver. And while there are also many issues that could halt your journey, none of these can truly stop it – that’s because you’ve got the Moving Brothers team by your side.

Our licensed, insured, experienced team is proud to support you during your relocation. We offer packing, loading, and storage solutions so you’re ready for anything the move calls for.

Ready to start planning your move to Denver? Then connect with us today for a free moving estimate.

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