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5 tips for Decorating Your Home in Denver, Colorado


Whether you have just moved to Denver or you’ve called this state home for a long time, your space should reflect your personal style. You will no doubt be more satisfied with your own home when you are able to look around at decorations that show who and your family are in every room. At the same time, you probably want to pay homage to the gorgeous outdoorsy style that Coloradoans love so much – after all, how could you not fall in love with those purple rolling mountains after moving here?

Decorating your home in Denver, Colorado, should be fun and refreshing rather than stressful and confusing, so take the time to pick out decorations and accents that speak to you. There are tons of options for interior design styles inspired by native Coloradans, and you can experiment with all of them to find your favorite. If you’re looking to complete redesign your space after your move or you’re just looking to freshen up your existing home, here are a few ways you can spice up the interior of your house in Denver.

Use Natural Accents

One of the best things about living in Colorado is that you are surrounded by gorgeous nature wherever you go. Thanks to its seemingly endless miles of mountain ranges to spans of canyons, prairies, and grasslands, the state has earned the nickname ‘Colorful Colorado’ among Coloradans and those from out-of-state alike.

Bring your love for nature into your own home by incorporating natural accents around your house. You can bring potted plants into nearly every room of your home and hang plants around doorways and over arches to give the sense that plant life grows all around you. You can also incorporate nature in other ways, such as through pieces of sealed driftwood or vases filled with fresh flowers.

Don’t Be Afraid To Use Color

When decorating your space, it can be easy to pick one or two colors and avoid veering from them when choosing furniture, decorations, and even appliances. When decorating your home in Denver, Colorado, you might want to think outside of the box when using color in your space.

As we mentioned, ‘Colorful Colorado’ is known for its vibrant natural spaces, from purple mountain ranges to green grassy meadows. Nature represents the beauty of all colors in the rainbow, so why can’t your space represent them all, too? Don’t be afraid to get creative and use varying shades when decorating your home in Denver. Choose a few neutral colors – like brown, tan, or white – to bring the space together, then let your artistic side flow as you find ways to add touches to every color of the rainbow.

Incorporate Functional, Outdoorsy Furniture

Perhaps one of the reasons you moved to the gorgeous state of Colorado is because you love the sense of adventure it inspires in you. The colors you use in your space can evoke a sense of natural wonder, but nothing ignites the spark in your adventurous side more than functional, outdoorsy furniture that can also be used indoors!

To get a taste of glamping in your home, try adding a comfortable hammock to your reading nook, leaving a room, or studying. Some other ideas include a tree stump used as a table or a piece of sealed driftwood used to support a lamp or shelf. Try using wood desks, chairs, and other furniture to fully realize your vision for an indoor wooded space.

Hang Artwork

Hanging some tasteful artwork up on the walls can really bring any room together, and the individual pieces you choose are essential to dictate the style of a space. To pay homage to the rolling mountains of Colorado, you might want to include photos or paintings of the mountains in several rooms of your house. You can use similar pieces throughout your home or experiment with different types of artwork to create a more avant-garde interior design style.

Another tremendous decorating tip from the experts is to hang your photos lower than you think you should, about 5 feet off the floor. This ensures that it is eye-level with you and your guests, and you can enjoy the artwork without craning your neck upwards.

Don’t Eliminate Clutter, Organize It

When you’re organizing and decorating your home, one of the first steps you probably take is to eliminate clutter. A better approach, though, is to organize your clutter. You don’t have to throw away the objects you love or hide them away in the depths of your closet just because you don’t have a beautiful display case for them. Instead, you should try to find a place for most of your clutter, organizing it in a way that works for you and is functional for all the members of your household.

Of course, you can throw away any debris, trash, or unwanted items, but you don’t have to sacrifice your most beloved keepsakes for a beautifully designed home. Create beach-themed shelves full of your knick-knacks acquired from vacations to the coast, display your figurines on a side table, or line up assorted items on a designated rack. This way, you can keep the items you need and love within your reach, but they won’t clutter up your living space or make your design look messy.


If you’ve just hopped off your flight to your new home in Denver, Colorado, and you’re ready to decorate your space, you’re probably excited about all of the possibilities. It’s important to stay true to your personal style in your Denver home while paying homage to the vibrant styles of the local community. You can take inspiration from the endless miles of gorgeous nature that earned ‘Colorful Colorado’ its nickname.

By incorporating natural accents, organizing your clutter, and tactfully using pops of color in your interior, you can create a home interior design style you’re happy to call your own. For more tips on moving to Denver, Colorado, visit Moving Brothers online! Not only can we help move your belongings safely and efficiently, but we can give you tips and tricks to make the transition smooth! Contact us today to learn more.

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